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Xiaoda Auto Water Tap Ver 2

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Xiaoda Auto Water Tap Ver 2

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    3987 in stock

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    Brand: Xiaoda / Zajia (Mi Ecological Chain)

    Model: HD-ZNJSQ-05

    Weight: 105g

    Size: 60x34x49mm

    Standby Energy Consumption: ≀0.2mW

    Working Water Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa

    Sensing Range: Side Sensor 0-5cm/Bottom Sensor 0-10cm

    Water Efficiency: First Level

    Protection Grade: IPX6

    Charging Method: Type-C


    🚰 FM pipe size: 26mm

    🚰 M pipe size: 18mm - 20mm

    πŸ”© FM pipe with 26mm size can use a multipurpose adapter to attach the water tap with the faucet.

    πŸ”© M pipe with 18mm to 20mm size can connect the water tap to the faucet directly without using any attachment.


    1. Upgrade double sensor for faucet, two sets of sensing areas, two water modes, 0.25 second fast induction.

    2. Drains water inductively by IR, reducing touch pollution.

    3. First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

    4. Simple design style, adapt to various home styles.


    Bottom Sensor for Short-term Water Needs

    - When the sensor enters the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 10 cm), the water began to flow out. When the sensor leaves, Water stops flowing out. Side Sensor Meets Water Storage Requirements - When the sensor enters the side sensing area (within a limited distance of 5 cm), the water began to flow out. The current lasts for three minutes, and the water remains flow out even if the sensory object leaves. If the sensor enters the side sensing area again during the water flow process, the water can be stopped at any time.

    CLAIM :

    1) Both side shipping charges will be paid by the buyer for any warranty claim

    2) Strictly not cover for WEAR & TEAR damage claim


    Request for cancellation if the product has not been delivered yet. Once we already prepare your parcel, strictly no cancellation


    Strictly no return/for exchange please chat us why you want to exchange. Take note exchange is only valid if the seal of the product is still not open, once if open is considered sold. It's best to have a read carefully before placing an order


    Customers are requested to record a video before unboxing the product, If you fail to do so record the video, you are not eligible to get the warranty.

    1 Year Warranty

    What's inside the box:

    Brand - Xiaoda
    Country of Origin - Gobal
    Warranty Type - Supplier Warranty
    tapware Type - Induction Water tap

    Product Dimension:
    Product size (L x W x H): x x cm / x x inches
    Product Weight: kg / lbs


    3987 in stock

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